Counselling in Chorley and Online 

The pace of everyday life is busy, the speed with which things happen and change, can catch us unaware.  Sometimes we are so busy getting on with things that we don’t even notice or acknowledge what is happening to us.

It might feel like walking through fog, feeling low or anxious and unable to control your thoughts and emotions.  This can be really scary.


Making sense of our grief and loss through counselling chorley and online

Maybe you know exactly when you started to feel this way.  Perhaps you have experienced a bereavement of someone close, the breakdown of a relationship or divorce, children coming along, your health has changed, children flying the nest, redundancy or retiring from work.

Or you just don’t have a clue. It’s been a gradual dip that you can’t seem to get on top of, despite trying all your usual ways of coping.



So Many Emotions 

But it feels like your world is spinning out of control and suddenly gone very dark, with little or no light at the end of the tunnel.  Leaving you unsure and unsettled.

Often this leads us to realise that we’ve lost sight of who we are, unsure of what makes us tick or what we want from life.

Are you sick of feeling sad or angry, of snapping at the people around you or pushing them away?  Fed up of having no motivation and not being able to sleep properly?   Just wanting to feel calmer, clearer, stronger or less broken?

Recognising the face in the mirror again through counselling chorley and online

How Counselling Can Help

I can help. I’m Sarah, a Counsellor, based near Chorley, Lancashire.  I offer counselling in Chorley and online (via webcam or phone).

I will enable you take a step back, untangle your thoughts and see things more clearly.

I will provide you with a calm and peaceful space, where you are free to say the things that you are really thinking, without worrying about upsetting anyone or being judged.  A place where you can truly be honest with yourself and begin to heal.

Allowing you to understand yourself better, gain a sense of how and what you think and feel; as well as what you believe and who you are.

I work with adults and those in a relationship.

You do not have to go through this alone, get in touch today to arrange an initial session together to see how I can help.

My Advantages

Meet Sarah

Sarah Tinsley

Sarah Tinsley


Sarah Tinsley Counsellor online and chorley lancashire

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I’m Sarah, a Counsellor in Chorley.  I can help you work through this tough time in your life, help you to become clearer on where you are, take control of overwhelming thoughts, and work out what positive steps you want to take towards the life that you want to live.

My approach is influenced by you and I will be flexible and adaptable to suit you, ensuring that you get what you need from our time together.  We will go at your pace.

I have a special interest in bereavement and loss.  I work with adults and couples or those in a relationship.

Find out a little more about me and how I can help.

No matter what your feelings or experiences
you do not have to go through this alone

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