When we first experience bereavement and loss, friends and family often rally round us.   Gradually as the weeks pass others go back to thier daily routines and we can feel pressure to ‘get back to normal’, to ‘keep busy’ or to ‘stop dwelling’.

It sounds so easy but the reality is it’s a million miles away from being that simple!

Healing grief and loss

Especially if you don’t know who you are now, if you don’t know what ‘normal’ looks like anymore, you can’t concentrate enough to be busy and you really just want to talk about your life now and what you’ve lost.

Maybe friends and family are hurting too and you don’t want to add to their troubles.

Perhaps you are feeling a sense of relief, which is bringing overpowering waves of guilt which you are embarrassed to share with people. Sometimes it can feel safer to keep quiet.

Grieving is normal

Experiencing a bereavement or loss of some kind is part of life.   Even though it’s incredible painful, grief is a healthy and normal way of reacting to that loss.   However, if you are feeling alone, isolated or stuck in your grief, seeking help and support through counselling can really help. 

Keeping quiet can leave you feeling even more isolated, alone, lost, angry and hurt.  It can keep you stuck.

You may have experienced a bereavement many years ago but perhaps there wasn’t time to come to terms with what had happened, maybe life or practical things got in the way.

Perhaps you did grieve but those painful familiar feelings have suddenly resurfaced and are leaving you feeling overwhelmed, as if you are right back to square one.

I work with people like you who are feeling crushed by their grief, stuck or just want to try to understand what life looks like now and try to rebuild their lives.

How Counselling can help

I will give you the time and the space to talk about were you are and how this really is for you.

You won’t upset me as you might fear you might family or friends.  I won’t judge or compare you to others.  I will really listen to you, your experiences and your memories.

Calm and soothing counselling room Chorley Lancashire

Perhaps you are currently caring for or watching a loved one slip away through a terminal illness of some kind.  I can be there with you as you explore painful emotions or anxieties, which might be getting in the way of you spending quality time together or saying the things that you really want to say.

Counselling can help you understand these complicated and often overpowering thoughts and emotions.   It won’t stop the tsunami of emotions being there at times but it can make them feel more manageable when they do come.

Grief is personal

The way that we grieve is deeply personal.  There is no right or wrong way to grieve, just your way.  I am here to help you work out what your way is.

I’ll be alongside you as you make sense of your loss, connect with your memories in a meaningful way and figure out where you go from here.

Whether you are grieving for a parent, child, life partner, sibling, friend or pet, I am here for you.  You are not alone.  Start healing today.