Online Counselling and therapy can be a good option for you if life is extremely busy, making it difficult to keep a regular appointment. Or, if you have a mobility problem or a disability which makes getting to counselling an additional challenge.

Maybe you live too far away to be able to access face to face counselling with me.  Or maybe you are feeling really anxious about seeing a counsellor; the thought of sitting in front of someone you don’t know is overwhelming you.  Online counselling, from the comfort of your own environment, offers a way that you can access the support you need right now.

There are lots of different types of online counselling.  I offer counselling via webcam or phone.  I have additional training and experience of working in this way which helps with the practicalities, and offers you peace of mind.

Types of Online Counselling

Counselling via Webcam allows us to see each other’s facial expressions and body language.   I use Zoom or Whatsapp for our sessions together.  Both are safe, secure platforms which are easy to use.  If you are using a laptop you will need a webcam.  If you are using your phone or tablet, the camera acts as a webcam.  I will send you full instructions when we agree our first session together.  I will work with you to ensure that you are able to access our session together.

Online counselling from the comfort of your own home
Convenient counselling by phone or webcam

Telephone Counselling, doesn’t allow us to see each other but we can still hear each other’s words and tone of voice.  We can use Zoom, Whatsapp, landline or mobile, whichever suits you best.

Benefits of Counselling this way

Convenience:  You don’t need to travel to sessions, you can meet me from wherever is best for you.  It is important to think about being somewhere private, where you won’t be overheard or overlooked during our session together (60 minutes).

Comfort:   By being comfortable in your own environment, it can be easier to talk about things that might feel too difficult if we met face to face.

Effectiveness:  Online therapy has been found to be as effective as working face to face.

Flexibility:   If your life is busy, unpredictable, you travel a lot or you have a mobility issue or disability which could make it difficult to get to meet face to face.  Meeting online can provide you with the opportunity to access counselling on a regular basis.

We will agree at our first session together what will happen in the event of a technical failure.

I offer a free half hour consultation to help you to decide if online counselling and therapy is the best option for you or whether face to face counselling might be better suited; if this is the case I can help you find a suitable counsellor if we live too far apart.

Webcam and phone sessions last for a full 60 minutes.

You do not have to go through this alone, lets talk.