Developing and sticking with healthy relationship boundaries – the people pleasers guide

Developing and sticking with healthy relationship boundaries – the people pleasers guide

Relationships come in all shapes and sizes.  Whether we are thinking of relationships with an intimate partner, our children, parents, siblings, work colleagues or friends.  They all have two things in common, the need for communication and boundaries.    Developing healthy relationship boundaries is key; people pleasers can find this tricky.  But it is possible, read on to find out how.

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5 common mistakes people make when choosing a counsellor (and how to avoid them)

5 common mistakes people make when choosing a counsellor, and how to avoid them

So, you’ve made the decision to go and see a counsellor, hands up if you are now feeling completely overwhelmed and unsure of who to go and see? It’s so easy to feel like this.  Here are 5 most common mistakes that people make when choosing a counsellor and how to avoid them.

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Keeping Memories of loved ones burning brightly at Christmas

Christmas can be a really difficult time, full of mixed emotions and confusion about how we can or should remember loved ones; how we keep their memory burning brightly. 

The focus of Christmas is often on family, children and having fun, but that can be especially hard when you are missing someone you love. It can make the gap left behind seem even bigger.

It’s important to recognise that it doesn’t matter how recent or how long ago a loved one died.  It is normal to miss them.  Christmas can be a time of year when feelings of loss are heightened.  But there are ways that we can incorporate remembrance into our lives at Christmas time.

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How to manage anxiety after a bereavement

Managing anxiety after a bereavement

When we experience a bereavement, the world we knew and planned for changes.  The future can feel daunting, frightening or overwhelming, which can leave us with feelings of anxiety. Often, we compare how we feel after now to how we did before, when things felt more certain and secure, on solid ground.  

It’s so easy to take that feeling of security for granted, which can make it all the more shocking when it’s no longer there. But there is hope, read on to find out more.

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Self-care when you have ZERO motivation

Self-care, self-care, self-care.  It’s everywhere.  Magazines, TV programmes, websites, social media. All telling us to boost our self-care or how we should be doing our self-care.  But what is it self-care, why do we need it and how do you practice self-care when you have zero motivation?  Read on to find out the answers to these questions and hopefully some spiration along the way too!   

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5 Strategies for a Better Nights Sleep

Hands up if any of these scenarios sounds familiar:

  • You struggle to get to sleep
  • You are sleeping 8-10 hours each night but waking up in the morning is a challenge.  You feel exhausted and rarely wake feeling refreshed.  
  • You wake up in the night and often lie there for what feels like forever desperately trying to drop off again.
  • The closer to bedtime you get, it feels like your mind has turned itself up loud and won’t let you quieten thoughts, memories or anxieties down.    

The truth is, around 50% of you reading this will have put your hand up to at least one or more of the above.

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Top 10 Myths about Counselling

Going to see a Counsellor can be scary, often we don’t know what to expect, what it’s really all about and the most important thing of all, will it make me feel any better?   There are many ideas out there about what counselling is or isn’t, counselling is portrayed in so many different ways on TV, in films, books and social media.   

These images can stop us from taking that first step of reaching for help when we need it most. 

Here are 10 of the most common myths.

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